How to become a carpaenter?

Carpentry training and setting up a carpentry workshop is one of the interests of many artists and art lovers. An important issue before starting a carpentry workshop is carpentry training or carpentry learning. By the time Ichub started, we had received many emails and text messages about tips on how to get started with carpentry and related training. For this reason, in this article, we will explain in this regard.

We will try to share our experiences with you about the important points of carpentry training, so please read this article with patience, because it is the result of our many years of experience in Canada.

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The answers to these questions can be different for each person and certainly not certain; But you can take advantage of this based on your circumstances and execute the parts that suit your circumstances.

What is your goal as a carpenter?
First we need to know what is our goal in starting a carpentry workshop? At what level do we want to serve? Is our goal to set up a production carpentry workshop or do we plan to set up a carpentry workshop to make custom accessories?

We should know that in this article, our goal is to provide explanations about medium-sized workshops and home workshops, and large companies producing wooden structures should operate according to the standards of setting up a production line.

We assume that you are interested in wood arts and have never been active in this field and only based on your instinct and interest in wood, wood industry and wood arts, you intend to learn carpentry and work with wood. start. So the question that arises is:

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Where do I start for carpentry training?

Where you start depends on your location. You may live in a city where carpentry and woodworking is very limited and it is practically difficult to attend carpentry workshops due to time and space. So the best way is to attend technical and vocational classes or courses that are done privately by professors or training groups.

Free carpentry training
If the technical and professional organization has a school around you, you can refer to the technical and professional organization in your area to find out when carpentry classes are held and be sure to attend the organization’s face-to-face classes.

You may say that technical and vocational classes will not be useful for you due to time constraints; But this is a mistake. Rest assured, if you do not really have experience in the wood industry, it is better to start from technical and professional to learn the basics of carpentry in a principled and scientific way. In the technical and professional collection, you will get acquainted with many carpentry machines and the method of working with each of them in principle.

International Certificate in Carpentry
By participating in carpentry courses, you will have the privilege of obtaining a carpentry degree. This certificate is awarded to the student in the form of second and first degree carpentry courses by passing the hours and technical and professional topics after passing the final exam. This certificate has international validity and can be cited and presented even in other countries. Things like immigration.

If you do not have access to technical and vocational classes and you are not able to attend these courses, use video training products. Products that are not the best option; But depending on your circumstances, they can be a good option.


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